2nd Visit to Vava’u

Mr. Taufu’i Naufahu presenting to Tailulu College Students in Vava’u

On the 8th to the 22nd of February 2020, the FPLAC team (Taufu’i Naufahu and Vika ‘Akauola) traveled to Vava’u to raise awareness on the Family Protection Legal Aid Centre (FPLAC) and to conduct the Centres services during their stay.

The team was based in Neiafu for 2 weeks for this trip, so they were able to achieve a lot more. Including giving presentations to not only the schools, Hospital and Police, but also to the Vava’u branch of the Ministry of Justice.

This was a success to the Centre as these visits raise more awareness and establish relationships with other front-line res ponders to domestic violence in Vava’u. This is an important task for the Centre as it does not have a branch in the outer islands. The team were also able to follow up on clients of the Centres that are based in Ha’apai and provide further assistance whilst being there.

This trip highlighted the high demand of the people in Vava’u to be able to access the Centre and its services, and it is a long term goal for the Centre to have a counter part in the outer Islands to increase not only Tongatapu but also the people of Vava’u access to justice.

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