Reach Project Pilot in ‘Eua 1st – 5th April 2019


On the 1st of April 2019, the Reach Pilot continued to ‘Eua and was launched in the  Kolomaile Village. The FPLAC participated in this mission to raise awareness on the Family Protection Legal Aid Centre (FPLAC) and its services. The FPLAC team consisted of one lawyer, Mr Taufu’i Naufahu and Ms. Vika ‘Akau’ola (Family Protection Advocate).

The ‘Eua Reach was a success and the highlight of this visit concerned a client (a mother) who applied for an Emergency Protection Order which and was granted with the assistance of the Legal Aid team. The EPO enabled her to seek financial assistance (temporary maintenance) from the children’s father who had deprived her and the children of any financial assistance. According to the mother she was unable to access the courts because she was unaware that she could seek financial assistance from her husband. The husband and a father has paid maintenance for the first time since the separation. The Centre continues to monitor this case to ensure that the mother and the children will receive continuous financial support from the father/husband as the respondent in this case.

There were 3 other new clients who sought legal advice only and were advised by the team. The Ministry of Internal Affairs through its Women’s Affairs Division (WAD) is acknowledged for a great initiative that has enabled many in ‘Eua in remote areas to receive information as well as the services of the Centre.


Family Protection Legal Aid Centre Staff: Taufu’i Naufahu (Assistant Secretary) and Vika ‘Akauola (Family Protection Advocate)

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