Public Service Day 2019

Left image- collective staff from Ministry of Justice role playing core roles in their service to the public.

Right- Fatafehi Uata (FPA) and Salote Latu with FPLAC banner.

On the 14th of June 2019 the government’s line ministries all participated in the Public Service Day at the Queen Salote Memorial Hall in Nuku’alofa. Fatafehi Uata (Family Protection Advocate) joined the Ministry of Justice booth on behalf of the Family Protection Legal Aid Centre.

The collective effort from the Ministry of Justice was a success as it was able to bring in more than just one organization to assist in showcasing the services that the Ministry offers to the public. A roll play was done to demonstrate the marriage procedure, and a staff member also roll played the Chief Justice educating High School students about the Court Systems. The representative from FPLAC had a part of the booth in which the brochures of the Centre was distributed and was able to answer questions from the public about the Centre and its services under the Family Protection Act 2013.

There was collaboration and coordination within the Ministry to collectively inform the public of the services that the various departments of the Ministry offer to the people of Tonga.

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