Public Awareness at Tailulu College

Top: Vika ‘Akau’ola presenting at Tailulu College about the FPLAC
Bottom: Tailulu College

On the 27th of November 2018 the Family Protection Legal Aid Centre was given an opportunity to talk about the Centre and its services at the Tailulu College.

This awareness session was held at the Hall of Tailulu College and more than 50 students and few staff attended. Vika ‘Akau’ola and Fatafehi Uata attended conducted this awareness on behalf of the Centre and focused on raising awareness on the Centre’s mandate and its services to the survivors of domestic violence. The team continues to reach out to the schools for the students to become more aware about the Family Protection Act 2013 as well as raising the awareness about the students legal rights and their responsibilities.

It was also made clear that abuse(s) of a student(s) by a teacher(s) is or are not covered by the FPA 2013 but other relevant laws such as the Education Act or Criminal Offences Act. The reason for this is that the relationship between a teacher and a student does not qualify as a “domestic relationship” under the FPA 2013. However, the teacher and a principal have an obligation to report domestic violence that they may identify as affecting a student due to any family problem(s).

The Centre continues to raise awareness in schools as opportunities emerge to educate the students about domestic violence as governed under the FPA 2013.

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