‘Eua Agriculture Show

On the 25th of July 2018 Advocates for the Family Protection Legal Aid Centre; Vika ‘Akauola and Fatafehi Uata participated in the annual Agricultural Show in ‘Eua.

For this awareness program to ‘Eua Vika and Fatafehi on behalf of the FPLAC, partnered up with Lesila Lokotui To’ia and Sela Sini Tu’ipuotu from the Women and Children’s Crisis Centre to conduct joint awareness programs to relevant stakeholders including the hospital, police and selected schools.  This joint awareness program was a productive arrangement as it gave the Centre the opportunity to deliver a stronger message about domestic violence during the outreach program to ‘Eua.

These visits were great platforms for introducing the Centre to the people of ‘Eua especially since the Hospital and Police are the frontline social service providers for survivors of domestic violence.

Overall this outreach program was a huge success and was enjoyable for the FPLAC team. Thank you.

Left image: During the discussion with the ‘Eua Police Officers. Right image: During discussion with ‘Eua High School students.
Left image: Vika ‘Akauola, Principal of Hofangahau College and Lesila Lokotui To’ia during the morning assembly. Right image: WCCC & FPLAC team with members of the Hofangahau College staff
Left image: Vika ‘Akauola presenting in ‘Eua Hospital. Right image: Vika ‘Akauola in the FPLACs & WCCCs display Booth in the ‘Eua Agricultural Show








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